To Save the stressing thought, of leaving you pet dog at home, you can bring them here also. The dog rules are as follows: 1/  They must have there own bed, so they can join you in your room. 2/  Be 100% responsible for any damage, they may cause, inside or outside. 3/   It is the owners responsibly to clean up after them, if they have an accident. 4/  Have total respect for the other guests who could be staying, barking, etc. and to take into consideration, that not all people like dogs for various reasons. 5/  There is a charge of $20.00 for your fur baby. I also offer dog sitting, due to the national parks rules, that NO dogs are permitted entry. The day rate for 8 hours is $35.00 1/2 day rate is $25.00. If l have time, l will even take them for a walk. Dry food and water is supplied, or you can bring there food, knowing they are in the most of loving care, so you can have a worry free walk in our lovely national parks. My JR Charlie is very good with other dogs, and loves to meet new fury friends. So Charlie doesn’t mind meeting, and playing, and inviting you for a sleepovers. Any further questions call me on 0407 295 292 Thanks Wozza.